June 8, 2012

"and just like them old stars, I see that you've come so far..." -Jason Mraz

 my new horizon

(written June 7, 2012)

Yesterday the planet Venus traversed between the earth and our Sun.
I bet it didn’t matter to you.

I am not currently venturing into the world of astronomy if that’s what you’re thinking. Well, not yet anyway. But a quick update on my most recent life: I am currently tens of kilometres away from home. Being the ‘wanderlust’ that I am, moving was a quick decision; perhaps too quick. It had only been 3 days and I’m melting away in tears. I’ve never known the feeling of being homesick until now and i wish i didn’t have to know. It’s a sad, heart-crushing, lonely feeling forcing me to fake a smile.

So when i saw on the news that Venus was traversing... i smiled a real smile for the first time in days. Somehow I felt closer to home. I knew that wherever i was, the Sun will have the same spot as it will have back home when Venus does traverse. I knew that no matter how far my most recent life has brought me, home, love and the previous life are lit by the same Sun, traversed by the same Venus. And that somehow, they didn’t seem too far.

So, yesterday the planet Venus traversed between the earth and our Sun.
And it mattered A LOT to me. 


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