November 7, 2011

"the sharp knife of a short life, well, i've had just enough time"... - the band perry

no matter how many times we hear people say that "life's short", we never seem to really get it, or do we? 
each day as the sun rises we continue to live like tomorrow is always going to come. the day passes, the sun sets, and nothing is worth remembering. another day put to waste, and we keep on telling ourselves "maybe tomorrow" . it's utterly ridiculous to think that you're going to cease to exist after tonight's sleep...because we simply aren't wired that way. but don't you want to try living like its your final day on earth, breathing like it could be your last?

well, i do.

how to do it? i have absolutely no clue. although i could start with always SMILING.... but perhaps i might look like a complete fool... 
or i could try something new EVERYDAY. eat something i've never eaten, buy something i've never had.... but perhaps i'd go bankrupt....

why do i feel like the world is turning for everybody else but me? 

i'd like to say that this entry is totally uninspired, but i'd be telling a lie.