November 10, 2011

"you're gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul" ...... - Christina Perri

it has been a tough couple of weeks for me, and i've been forcing myself to smile. i'm halfway through my radiation therapy and i've lost my sense of taste. its uncertain whether this is the reason for my perpetual sadness, but i've definitely lost weight because of it. 

but i thank God for reminding me, that even strangers can make us smile. here's why:

today, while waiting for my turn to get radiation therapy, i was nonchalantly reading my text messages on my phone when a stranger approached me. i glanced, smiled and she smiled back. Hesitantly she said 'i admire ur do'. i was caught off guard. i thought she was going to ask for the time or start small talk. then she continued 'i would like to cut my hair short just like that, but i'm afraid i would look funny'. Humbly i smiled, said "thanks, but its not easy having hair shorter than an inch.... people stare." She disagreed by saying "no, its actually kind of sexy". Flattered, i thanked her again and left because i was called to the room. ... with a HUGE SMILE on my face.

i believe that you should always be mindful of others, in a warm and friendly way, never stingy on smiles, and always ready to extend a helping hand. 

the photos above were taken 2 years ago, on our trip to krabi. i decided to post 'em here because it reminded me how both of us were strangers to that beautiful paradise. but despite that, we grew fond of the place and made friends along the way.