December 31, 2011

"They tried to make me go to rehab, I said 'no, no, no' " ... - Amy Winehouse

june 2011 - Chammy's wedding

july 2011 - Lizette's wedding

november 2011 - Winah's wedding

december 2011 - Liz's wedding

In a span of 12 months,  I've attended four (4) of my friends' weddings and they all offer the promise of new life for the new couple... :) 

In a similar way, i welcome the new year with a new love for life...

so here's my version of a list of new year's resolutions:

1. complain less
2. say 'thank you' more often
3. laugh harder
4. regrets? forget it..
5. stop whining
6. always look at the good in people
7. confess more
8. apologize appropriately
9. expect nothing, give everything
10. smile
11. be open to suggestion
12. embrace change
13. inspire others more
14. erase indifference
15. enjoy every moment, you could die in an instant
16. savor the taste of everything u eat

and the list goes on... and on....

whats on YOUR list? :

"And so lying underneath those stormy skies, she'd say "oh ohohoh I know the sun must set to rise" -Coldplay

a letter for no one:

dear 2011,

the time has come for you to pass... but know that you will always be remembered. for you have brought more tears than any bucket can ever contain... more sorrow than a heart can ever hold. yet, you've created more promises than any1 can ever hope for. 

i wish i could say that you've been great, but that would not be true... for you have been a very long struggle... an extremely painful experience... an unforgettably tough companion. 

but i can never thank you enough for everything you so purposely planned... by being tough you've rendered me stronger. you've pushed me close to the edge of my sanity so i can truly say i'm sane enough to handle you.
 you've become my revelation. the instrument to make me realize that true friends are rare. 

2011, i say goodbye to you with a bit of sentimental nostalgia... 
and i greet 2012 hello with the promise of new LIFE.