July 22, 2011

a fetus

today it rained, like it always does, and i stayed home, like i always do.
 there's no better way to spend a rainy day than to start an adventure...indoors. i have been an avid reader of different blogs for many years but never a blogger. so today, with the heavy downpour and the cool wind, i embark on a journey i know i wont regret: blogging. im not sure how much fun id have coz it doesn't really sound as exciting as parasailing or deep sea diving.
 but im never gonna find out, unless i try.

i am entering a new world, so to say, because i'm not a person with many words. i would rather read than write; hang out than stay in; and would rather get calloused soles walking, than be in front of the computer typing.

so today im taking one small step for me, a giant leap for all non-bloggers.
there's a lot of uncertainty about what this blog will contain... and im not sure it will belong to a certain category. it won't be a fashion blog, nor a travel blog... but who knows, right? it might turn out to be exactly what i never imagined it to be.

so today, im writing my first blog entry.

today i am not 27.
for in this realm, i am a fetus once again.