January 19, 2014

"You've done something right to keep me up all night. I could wait forever in your smile" ... -Andy Grammer

when was the last time you tried on a new brand of perfume?
Im guessing, its too long a time to even remember.
most people stick to their favorite brand, or brands, depending on the occasion... trying on an entirely new scent, although exciting can be risky; there's always the possibility of the scent not working so well with your skin and natural oils. you end up disappointed and regretting you ever spent on such useless luxury.

So where am i driving at?

You see i met a guy at work....some regular employee I've always known as an acquaintance.
We exchange Hi's and Hello's in an almost stranger-like level of some sort. Unexpectedly,we grew fond of each other, forgive me for fogetting how it happened, but in a matter of weeks we just enjoyed each other's company. in a shorter, more modern way to put it, we simply clicked!
Quite instantly, we considered ourselves as breakfast buddies, then lunch buddies, then carbo-filled, fat-filled, sugar-filled snack buddies. We just love food... he was aiming to gain more weight for vanity's sake perhaps, but i ended up earning all the pounds, both to our dismay.

In small bits and pieces embedded in our mostly crazy and nonsense conversations, i have come to discover several things about  my new friend.. although he never told me himself, i found out about his past love interest, still the present love interest, and possibly the future and forever love of his life, all three in one person. He calls himself stupid for it, while I call it romantic, although cowardly (sorry) . It's exactly like sticking to one brand of perfume...

Which brings me to my own realizations...

For years i have been used to living a very colorful life; but almost soon after several buckets of paint have splashed on my canvas, inevitably, life gets dull, routine, ordinary, perhaps secure and safe but blatantly boring.
And like him, I'm reluctant to take risks. Scared even.

Dont get me wrong, i love my life, i love my friends, i love my partner in crime (my7yearboyf), i love my job, but i think its time i try out a new perfume.

any suggestions?


January 6, 2014

There’s someone I’ve been missing; I think that they could be the better half of me.......- - -One Republic

How long has it been? 
I don’t even want to know.

This pretty long hiatus, errr, hibernation was simply because of lack of sheer passion to write. There are so many things I can draw inspiration from and write a thousand words about, but the urge was never there.

 Tonight, however, something stirred my mind. I will attempt to write about it in the next posts...
Meanwhile, a quick update on my so called black and white life...

I have hopped aboard a new ship called Anesthesiology. I am currently a 2nd year Anesthesia resident at our local hospital having the time of my life. No, I haven’t married anyone yet nor do I have any kids. I’m still the free-spirited little lady who kicked big C’s ass. I've mastered the art of poking people at the back and knocking 'em all to sleep. :) I wave my magic wand, and they wake up! :) lol

That explains my 1 year and 2 month long hiatus.

Now back to my mind-stirring moment...

Have you ever come to a point in your life where everything seemed so natural, so routine, so predictable, so comfortable, so secure...
Then someone comes a long, and makes you question all that?

Well, I have.

to be continued...........