April 19, 2012

"Hey I heard you were a wild one...." -Flo Rida

if you count the years that i've learned how to read, a greater number of those years were spent hating reading. back in the days i cringe at the idea of putting "READING"  under "hobbies" on those famous autographs my friends and i used to go crazy over. i was never a reader. but somehow today, i wish i were. 
when i got into medschool, reading was forced into my system, it was imposed on me like sunscreen on a hot summer day. i was left with no choice, but to develop the habit of reading. and im glad i did.
today i wish i had been reading more as a child, so that my vocabulary would have been wider. 
my point here is not about reading per se, its about the complexity of things that i want to say / write but couldn't put into writing because i would easily be at a loss for words. 
but if i had been reading more, then i would know all the right words to say, perhaps, definitely, maybe. but nobody ever knows the right words...

but im not making sense now.... so im going to stop for a while, reconstruct my thoughts... and maybe on the next entry i can slowly start to write what my mind wants me to write.

the photo above was taken by me a few years back while i was riding the "Flying Fiesta" in one of the amusement parks in Luzon where you get to sit down on one of those hanging chairs and as the machine turns faster you are being thrown further away from the center. Life is often like the ""Flying Fiesta".... the faster you go, the further you get from what really matters...