April 2, 2012

"You're holding her hand, you're straining for words. You're trying to make sense of it all." - Casting Crowns

 chilling after a class :)

I’d be lying if i told you that nothing has happened in my life significant enough to be put in words. To tell you frankly, a gazillion things have transpired and i have no idea where to begin. Happiness has filled my days and melancholy has left my system. I will attempt to recall everything chronologically but in separate blog entries so as to maintain some order but if you get lost along my narration just bear with me.

I never meant to abandon my blog, but i do feel guilty for merely using it last year to fill up my time while being on house-arrest. This blog has been a big part of my “coping” experience and i got more determined to write when i learned that somehow i was inspiring others. 

So now it burdens me to think that not only have i abandoned my blog, i have also left my readers hanging. I don’t expect you to be checking the blog regularly but i would like to believe that perhaps just one person might be needing a little inspiration and the un-updated blog has failed to provide it.

So, it’s make-up time. 

My 5-month teaching stint has ended about 2 weeks ago with the FINAL exams. Its amazing how incredibly fast time flies. The experience has allowed me to develop my skills in speaking. I never knew i would have the patience to be talking in front of more than 50 students DAILY for an hour and still come out of it sane and calm. I thought i would morph into the “teachers” i’ve known before; snobbish, grumpy and a migraineur. On the contrary, i am proud to proclaim that i have come out of it a better speaker, a better listener and one with a fulfilled heart. Perhaps a contributing factor is my strong desire to “TEACH”...  so like i’ve said before in a previous post and what i usually say to my colleagues and fellow doctors, if you have the opportunity to teach, grab it! It will surprise you in more ways than one. Trust me.


more stories to come sooooon.... 

and here's a sneak preview:

little woman conquers big crowd ... heheheh

because the WORLD is still a very BIG place!