July 23, 2011

"lies that life is black and white" .... -bob dylan

i received a huge package today from my relatives in the other side of the world, mostly containing clothes n shoes. i enjoyed browsing through all the colorful fabric and thingamagigs inside the box that after everything was sorted out, i decided to write why this blog is named 'white on black background' 
going through the kind of life that i have, i see life as an image bursting with colors. the pinks and blues of friendships, mixed with the reds of love and hate, added with shades of purple of career and dreams, amidst foundation of yellows of family scattered on canvas, like some artist's masterpeice. 
everyone with normal color vision would see life that way. but what never occurred to me until now, is that life is basically in grayscale. black and white. ebony and ivory

in a more sensible way to put it, life is simply a yes or no, never a maybe. 
its give or take, all or none. because when you experience it in between, everything is vague, hanging, uncertain, incomplete
of course i still see life as a rainbow, filled with endless adventures and mysteries of what's to come. but i live it simply in black and white. being honest to urself, to ur family and to ur friends. to simply say what you want rather than keep them till ur emotions burst. to trust in One Sovereign Being. 
to be free of jealousy, of pride, of lust, and resentment. 

that, dear friends, is living in black and white

living life as a black slate, no color will look more beautiful than white. and white's not even a color. 
to paint it white i simply mean to be true. to be sensible. to be simple.

 i may live it scattering white on a black background, but i still see it as an explosion of brilliant COLORS, Hi-Def. enjoying every bit of dirt thrown my way.

above are photos i took today. photo 1 is the package. 2 is my sister's guitar. the rest are random objects outside. the heavens continue to cry and the sky is grey-ish in a way. im loving the weather lately but im slowly missing Mr. sun