April 3, 2012

"in the night, the stormy night, away she'd fly and dreams of para...para...PARADISE!" - Coldplay

It all started as a crazy idea no one knew was possible. Two friends exchanging messages on SMS feeling bored about the “routine” that is their lives. We both needed a “breather”... and what better way to get it than a short plane ride and a change of venue.
Destination::: Palawan.
 Will we ever get there? We found it impossible to believe at first. But the first step which showed determination and commitment was buying airline tickets, non-refundable, non-transferrable! haha   What we needed was an itinerary. Being fond of travelling, I happily volunteered to arrange our trip from shuttle transfers to hotel accommodation to island hopping tours. A month and a few days after, we were on a plane Palawan-bound! An hour after, we landed at the beautiful place we call “Almost Paradise”.

the hidden lagoon

My life has been a smorgasbord of events, filled with all kinds of flavours; sweet, salty, sour, and sometimes all bitter. Travelling gives me a great  sense of satiety that i wouldn’t even care if my accommodation is good, if the ride is okay or if the food is affordable. The mere experience of travelling fills me up like a whole bucket of fried chicken; sarap to the bones!  Perhaps it is the anticipation of getting somewhere that perks me up, that wonderful feeling of “expecting for the unknown”.

El Nido could be my home. I could live there. I found peace and serenity when i woke up the next day after a whole day’s travel and this was what greeted me:

I believe that the World, despite the ease and convenience technology has offered to make it seem small, is STILL a very BIG place. And i believe that life is too short to be lived by “routines”. I’m going to devote my time to travel, explore, see the world. I’ll drag my feet anywhere that my heart desires. Would you like to come?