September 3, 2011

should i give up, or should i just keep chasing pavements? - Adele

when you think that you have your entire life figured out, trust me - you don't. 
life will constantly throw curve balls your way and you'll never know until it hits you, dead straight on the face. it's a fact. life doesn't always turn out the way you planned it but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy its surprises.

i have been dealing with harsh realities for the past couple of weeks. dreams had to be steered to a different direction and decisions had to be made despite how things have fallen short of my expectations. it hasn't been easy, but life never is. 

when you are overwhelmed with life's unfortunate events, you tend to ask why nothing is ever working out for you. you get impatient, frustrated and arrogant. believe me - i've been there. but i tell you, our limited human minds can never comprehend God's infinite divine plans. He can do far better than what we can even begin to imagine. God, in his sovereign greatness, is teaching us to wait on Him. We hastily make decisions in the hopes of achieving the plans we have set for ourselves. We must never forget that despite how unpredictably exhausting life can turn out to be, God has shown nothing but perfect consistency.
He remains faithful to us even when ours sometimes fade to a blur. 

think of the cross.