July 31, 2011

"i believe in memories because they look so, so pretty when I sleep" - Jack Johnson

 cheryl and me

Cheryl's innocence

“Everything is achievable through technology” says Howard Stark, a character in a movie I recently watched on TV. I say, that’s a rather bold claim and inaccurate in so many ways. But one thing technology has infamously achieved though, is revamping society’s idea of friendship; where one can instantly add someone to be a friend and numbers can go up to the thousands. But is it the real deal? Not even close.
 True friendship has deeper roots than a mere click of an “accept” button. It's that bond you have with someone that has been tested time and time again. And again. and again. That someone who holds on tight when life pushes you to the edge of your emotions and snaps you back right before you lose yourself completely. 

I got a visit from 2 friends yesterday, like a blast from my past. The room was instantly filled with laughter, eating bananas and mangoes while goofing around with hairpieces (wigs). Although the time spent was short, it was filled with love and a flashback of good memories. Not only have they made me smile that day, they're also breathing reminders of why I’ve remained positive and moderately sane amidst my personal crisis. 
Yes, friends can do that and more. They’d cancel other appointments for the day just so you’ll have company. They will disturb you in the middle of your snooze because they dreamt of you and got superstitious and worried something might have happened to you. They’ll give you the better seat in the movies; and will offer to eat the rest of the popcorn so you’ll get fewer calories. They are the ones left behind when everyone else have scrammed, because a flying cockroach is on the loose. They're your lifeguard, your box of secrets, your release valve.
Today and everyday I give thanks to all my friends. They've been my allies, my prayer warriors. Without them, a simple gush of wind will seem like a hurricane. BUT with them, a discovery that you have cancer will feel like a small blister. Nothing you can't handle ;)  

above of photos of me and my visitors yesterday, and a very old gift from another friend, her own work of art. True friends, old or new, are pieces of art you'd want to keep forever.