July 28, 2011

"I can't stay on your life support, there's a shortage in the switch" .... -Pink

an idea!

Saging, Santol, Mangga, Bayabas, Avocado

 Orange, with her blank stare

 Orange and Ocean getting dried after a bath

Ocean , being calm as always

 the top lightbulb is busted

the culprit

Yesterday I officially launched this blog in the only social-networking site that I currently know how to use: FB.
You may find it a bit ridiculous to have waited 'til I’ve written at least 3 posts before letting the world know it existed. I didn't want to disappoint my audience with just a single post, now that would simply be painful and cruel. tehehehe
but I’m happy to report that it had quite a flattering reception, which also means I’ll be a tad more conscious of my writing, knowing at the back of my mind that somewhere, someone is actually reading this.

I’ve been banking myself with loads of fruits and fruitjuices for the past two days in a desperate attempt to hamper a viral infection. One that would be inconsequential to most, but definitely hair-raising to me and my immunocompromised state. But much to my dismay, it did hit me, and a mega-dose of Vitamin C isn't going to curb it. Which gives me an inspiration to write about health and staying healthy. I am not going to tell you things like what to eat or what NOT to eat. Its not even going to be about trying to achieve those impossible-to-get-abs women in beauty magazines flaunt. You can easily search the web for that. Instead, I’ve decided to reflect on thoughts that make one healthy.

Yes, you heard me right; I did say “thoughts”, the exercise of the mind in any of its higher forms. And it does possess the power to keep you healthy just as good as a balanced diet keeps you fit. Keep an open mind, explore, create, think happy thoughts. Be bold, but sensitive. Be colorful but simple. Be a creature like no other, but always be mindful of others. Steer away from being cynical, it is infectious and rots your brain faster than narcotics. Enrich your mind with positivity, creativity and moderate self-indulgence. Think hard, and dream big, but stay grounded. You will be amazed at the transformation. If not, then you are only pretending.

A thousand of your brain cells die everyday, so why waste time using them on thoughts that make  you miserable, unwanted, unaccomplished? I say, invest on healthy thoughts! :) 

Above are photos I took today of 1: a light bulb, 2: some of the fruits I’ve eaten, 3: my dogs, Ocean and Orange (I wonder what their thoughts are), 4: an abandoned dresser mirror with a busted light bulb (see, ideas that are dull and busted, will never work!). :)