August 1, 2011

"even as the eyes are closin' , do it with a heart wide open" .... .... -John Mayer

felt the warm hug of the sun today for the first time in days. it was even better than i’d expected, as it had just rained and there was a hint of cool breeze as its rays reached my skin. i’m enjoying every bit of sun i can get since the forecast has been warning us of more rain in the coming days. don’t get me wrong, i love the rain. but lately it’s been so dark and gloomy outside and all i see on the news are flooded areas here and there. the rain hasn’t been very nice to a lot of people and
 everyone’s craving for a little sunshine. :-) 

like the weather, life can sometimes be all too bleak and gloomy, making you doubt the existence of a silver lining. like walking in an unlighted alley, or diving deep into dark waters. It can sometimes get so dark you’re like crawling inside a cave wishing the earth would crack just so you'll get a glimpse of the light. Its frustrating sometimes.  u try so hard to live it right, yet circumstances choose to deviate from a straight path. 
u look back to examine, asking yourself, “Where did I go wrong?” but instead of answers, you only get more and more questions.
i say, what’s the point of asking? channel your energy somewhere else.
 in the blinding darkness of life, start looking for holes where light can enter, or better yet, create your own fire. never let it scare you, never let it defeat you. but allow the experience to teach you. after all, we all need a lesson or two about humility, about courage, about faith.
do what you can to get your taste of sunshine. Pray. believe. ask for help.
and while you’re at it, be mindful that others may be in that situation too.

I recently hurdled past my 12th chemotherapy session. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 6 months already. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter everyday. Im getting closer to finishing this detour in my life.
 I can’t completely say that the experience has been radically life-changing. It’s more like waking up from a dream you never realized was a nightmare. 

tell me ur story and i'll tell u mine :)

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