April 7, 2012

"I was living for a dream, loving for a moment; Taking on the world, that was just my style." -Survivor

It was in the middle of my radiation therapy last year when it all stared. I was bored out of my wits and was out of the chemo rut when my wonderful elder sister invited me one night to attend a "Toastmasters" meeting as a guest and see what this organization is all about. I went and decided to join the club.  

Seeing it all back, i believe it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. :)

I've been a member for almost 5 months now and I have not only established new friendship but have also learned numerous things about other members. Things which do not only belong to my memory but are also applicable to how I live and perceive life. The club has taught me to never stop believing in positive things. Every club meeting is a positive experience in itself. Whether one is delivering a speech, evaluating it or simply being a grammarian, excitement fills the air more so than nervousness.

Public speaking is probably one's worst nightmare. It is a challenge never dared by many. Certainly, one would rather choose to "die" than speak in public. But the fear of public speaking is similar to the fear of drowning when one does not know how to swim. It can never be overcome unless you choose to learn.
i made a choice and look at what it has brought me:

with D75 Gov Vic Navales

the champs. ahem

with our mentor, Nic2x (far left)